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Copying nature with 3D-printed dental implants

Andrew Medical is showcasing its dental implant solutions at Booth 4G01 at AEEDC Dubai. (Image: Andrew Medical)
Andrew Medical

Andrew Medical

Tue. 6. February 2024


DUBAI, UAE: Currently, Andrew Medical, an innovative start-up company from Italy that specialises in the development and production of 3D-printed titanium dental implants, is exhibiting at AEEDC Dubai. The company’s implants are characterised by a rootlike shape with a compact solid core and an external porous surface capable of stimulating bone growth. This special design presents a 3D surface of apparent cancellous bone to bone cells, imitating the bone structure into which the implant is placed.

Andrew Medical implant surface (AEEDC)

Andrew Medical uses a surface technology that stimulates soft tissue regeneration. (Image: Andrew Medical)

This recreation of nature’s inherent complexity with what the company calls a “mimetic” structure surpasses conventional 2D textured surfaces. The implant also features an effective conical connection system and employs platform switching. Andrew Medical implants are to be placed sub-crestally to ensure reference performance.

According to in vitro studies, the structure of an implant surface can influence the interaction between the implant material and bacteria. The novel titanium surface of Andrew Medical implants is characterised by anti-adhesive properties and could help prevent the occurrence of peri-implantitis.

The open cell form of 3D-printed titanium improves osteoconductive properties and adhesion behaviour of dental pulp stem cells. Test results have highlighted that the open cell form with interconnected pores, resembling the inner structure of native bone, allows cells to better adhere inside the specimen. Results have demonstrated that the inner design and post-production treatments on titanium surfaces have a dynamic influence on dental pulp stem cell behaviour towards adhesion and the formation of osteoblasts for osteogenesis. Andrew Medical offers all these advantages with its implants as well as a complete line of instruments and prosthetic components.

More infromation about the company can be found at AEEDC visitors have the opportunity to learn more at Booth 4G01.

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