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Asiga showcases human-centred design at DDS.Berlin

Boasting an ever-growing library of compatible resins, Asiga 3D printers can be used to fabricate a wide variety of products. (Image: Dental Tribune International)

BERLIN, Germany: Held at the end of June, DDS.Berlin, the first edition of the Digital Dentistry Show, was packed with cutting-edge product releases for every phase of a digital dentistry workflow. Not to be outdone, Australia-based Asiga was on hand to demonstrate its award-winning resin 3D printers. Combining aesthetics and engineering, the compact printers are ideal for laboratory and clinical use.

In addition to ease of use, one of Asiga’s primary goals in designing its 3D printers was compatibility with all design software and with virtually any 3D-printing resin, offering users choice and reliability. Exemplifying the company’s commitment to user-centric design, representatives at DDS.Berlin shared that Asiga aims for its printers to remain as efficient and reliable many years after purchase as they were on their first day of operation. To that end, the company says its printers continually automatically recalibrate and utilise its pioneering Smart Positioning System for precise layer thickness control of each layer, ensuring exceptional consistency and performance.

Dr Stephan Weiss from Asiga explained: “Our 3D printers have been developed to perform reliably in the most demanding manufacturing environments. All our printers actively monitor the layering process for every layer, ensuring that every layer is formed accurately. This ultimately produces a reliable output, elevating the level of certainty and safety, especially when issuing customised medical devices to the patient.” Asiga 3D printers are also designed to monitor power output throughout a printing cycle, ensuring continued efficiency.

“Shortly, we will be releasing a range of software updates to help simplify and automate the workflow. It’s an exciting time for 3D printing in dentistry, as we are seeing a huge amount of new dental materials coming to market. The research and development in this area is staggering, and we are actively working with over 60 of the world’s most reputable material manufacturers to bring their materials on to our 3D-printing platform. We now have more than 500 materials available to our customers. This is the largest material choice offered by any 3D printer manufacturer, and the list is growing on a weekly basis,” said Dr Weiss.


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