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“At SHINING 3D, our aim is to enhance the lives of dental professionals through cutting-edge technology”

SHINING 3D has showcased its latest innovations at the Digital Dentistry Show 2024. Pictured is dentist Neha Lakhmani. (All images: Dental Tribune International)

SHINING 3D provides a fully integrated 3D digital solution for a wide range of dental applications including restorative, orthodontic, prosthodontic and surgical cases. The company offers a user-friendly interface for both dentists and dental technicians, featuring intra-oral scanners, laboratory scanners, 3D printers and resins. Its software integrates seamlessly with any open system, offering users the freedom to choose their design preferences. During the inaugural Digital Dentistry Show in Berlin in Germany, Dental Tribune International had the opportunity to speak with one of its employees, Neha Lakhmani, who is an account manager for the DACH region and Scandinavia at SHINING 3D.

SHINING 3D’s intra-oral scanner, Aoralscan 3.

Ms Lakhmani, could you tell us more about SHINING 3D?
SHINING 3D is an innovative company dedicated to and enthusiastic about creating products that can ease the lives of dental professionals. We produce 3D scanners for industrial and dental use, along with 3D printers and a desktop scanner. Our primary focus is on streamlining the process from scan to print, enabling dental clinics to complete procedures efficiently without multiple patient visits. Our main goal is to innovate and facilitate the work of industry experts in dentistry.

What products and innovations are you presenting at DDS.Berlin?
We are showcasing our intra-oral scanner, Aoralscan 3, available in both wired and wireless versions. Additionally, we have introduced an innovative face scanner that captures complete extra-oral features. Our latest advancement allows the integration of oral and extra-oral scans, enabling practitioners to visualise post-treatment outcomes for smile design. The latest update also integrates DICOM data, including radiographs, into a single file.

Our newest launch is the AccuFab-CEL printer, which is based on 3D LCD technology. We have also recently introduced a cart that consolidates all necessary equipment into one unit, offering extended battery life.

What does digital dentistry mean for SHINING 3D?
At SHINING 3D, our aim is to enhance the lives of dental professionals through cutting-edge technology. We invest heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Digital dentistry significantly reduces working time and enhances the patient experience. Traditional methods like impressions are replaced by intra-oral scanners, eliminating discomfort and reducing procedure time to just 30 seconds.

Dental professionals who embrace digital dentistry can store all data digitally, streamlining workflows and improving overall patient care. I am genuinely excited about the possibilities this new technology brings.

This year, SHINING 3D is celebrating 20 years of excellence. What are you most proud of as a company, and what does the future hold for SHINING 3D?
Last year, we visited our headquarters in Hangzhou in China and witnessed the evolution of our production facilities, reflecting our tremendous growth. We have established a strong presence in the domestic Chinese market. Additionally, our European headquarters in Stuttgart in Germany, along with offices in San Francisco and Tampa, both in the US, underscore our global reach.

We are committed to providing robust local support, including free software updates and comprehensive after-sales service through our network of resellers. Our team in Germany is dynamic and cohesive, fostering a supportive environment where everyone, from the general manager to the CEO, is accessible.

Do you have any exciting plans for the future, such as product launches or major announcements?
We develop one to two new products annually, and this September, we are launching a revolutionary new scanner. Additionally, we are organising an event in Mallorca for our end users, offering product testing, technology updates, training sessions and leisure activities. Our partners and resellers play a pivotal role in our success, and fostering strong relationships with them is a priority.

It’s not just about product launches; continuous software updates are crucial. Our upcoming event aims to connect directly with end users, share our latest developments, and gather feedback.

Neha Lakhmani at the SHINING 3D booth (HR13) at DDS.Berlin.

Neha Lakhmani at the SHINING 3D booth (HR13) at DDS.Berlin.

Jan Koreneef from SHINING 3D during his workshop, titled

Jan Koreneef from SHINING 3D during his workshop, titled "Complete digital workflow—from scan to print”.

SHINING 3D face scanner, Shining MetiSmile.

SHINING 3D face scanner, Shining MetiSmile.

Editorial note:

More information about SHINING 3D can be found here.

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