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Rapid Shape professional 3D Printer x50+


Here comes the next level of 3D printing: What an adventure! We are thrilled! We are so happy for all users of professional 3D printing. NOW! Say Hello to the x50+

Rapid Shape brings you the x50+, our new professional 3D solution for printing any product. Using advanced 4K technology enables top-notch build quality for detailed print results. With a significantly larger print area and the optional patented Automatic Separation Module (ASM), you'll catapult the number of pieces per day, many times over. Your printed parts are automatically separated from the build platform after printing is finished and collected in a big collection basket. The next print job is then started immediately without any manual intervention! This automatic restart gives you an efficient workflow. An Automated Refill unit ensures that there is always a sufficient level of print material in the reservoir. This is your perfect start into serial production.

With the new x50+, you can only win: First-class build quality, validated workflows, very fast results and cost-effective materials.

Fast, productive, safe. Check it out!