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Desktop Health launches new printer line and strong resin


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Desktop Health’s Einstein printer line and Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin bring accurate 3D-printing capabilities to dental practices and laboratories of any size. (Image: Desktop Health)
Desktop Health

By Desktop Health

Thu. 28. April 2022


NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., US: Desktop Health, a healthcare business that creates 3D-printing solutions for personalised medicine, has launched the Einstein high-precision series of 3D printers and the Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin for printing temporary and definitive restorations—the strongest such resin ever released on the US market. This combination gives dental professionals the ability to produce accurate 3D-printed restorations quickly.

“Combining advanced resin science with 3D-printing technology delivers superior strength, aesthetics, and durability,” said Michael Jafar, president and CEO of the company, in a press release.

Indeed, the three new printers in the series have been developed to offer these benefits for differing professional needs: the Einstein provides chairside printing capabilities for general dental practices, the Einstein Pro is best suited for specialist practices and small laboratories, and the Einstein Pro XL, offering the greatest build capacity, is for high-production dental laboratories.

The Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin is some of the strongest resin available on the market. (Image: Desktop Health)

The Einstein printers utilise digital light processing technology and are able to produce natural-looking products thanks to Desktop Health’s proprietary NanoFit 385 technology, which ensures a perfect fit and a high level of clarity. The closed-loop software used reduces the amount of human input required and the company’s Hyperprint technology enables the harnessing of heat, resulting in high-quality restorations fabricated in half the time of the previous-generation printers.

“The Einstein 3D printer, coupled with our next-generation Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin, is a major breakthrough for the dental community,” enthused Jafar. An advancement on the temporary dental resin, Flexcera Smile, introduced in 2020, Flexcera Smile Ultra+ has been developed for fabrication of both temporary and definitive dental restorations.

The formula of this hybrid nanoceramic resin offers the strength of ceramic and lifelike lustre and translucency, making Flexcera Smile Ultra+ the perfect resin for use with an Einstein printer to create restorations in just minutes instead of days. The resin has more than threefold resistance to fracture compared with competing products and more than twice the moisture resistance, thereby avoiding staining or discoloration of the restoration.

More information on the Einstein series and Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin can be found here.

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